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POPs Awareness Training Module

Read, learn and test your POPs knowledge


Project Manager:
Sulan Chen
Programme Specialist—International Waters, Land Degradation, POPs

Malini Goel
Sulan Chen

Jack Weinberg

Michael Baumann

Photo Credits:
All photographs are provided by SGP national coordinators or assistants of corresponding country programmes: Albert Bellot, Mbekeni Chris Dhlamini, Fabio Fajardo, Milena Ignatova, Richard Laydoo, Alexander Levchenko, Masood Lohar, Nehemiah K. Murusuri, Zlatko Smardziev, Poonsin Sreesangkom, and Husam Tubail.

Materials contained in this publication may be reproduced for strictly non-commercial purposes, provided that the Global Environment Facility’s Small Grants Programme is acknowledged.

Special thanks to Delfin Ganapin and Nick Remple who gave full support to this project.  Suely Machado Carvalho and her POPs team provide us with peer review.  Comments were received from colleagues during the development of this training module: Marie-Claire Angwa, Albert Bellot, Mbekeni Chris Dhlamini, Fabio Fajardo, Kasper Koefoed, Nehemiah K. Murusuri, Stephen Gitonga, and Terence Hay-Edie.

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 Chapter 1: ‘The Dirty Dozen’ and their Characteristics
 Chapter 2: Sources and Uses of POPs
 Chapter 3: Impacts of POPs on Health and Environment
 Chapter 4: Global Institutions and Policies to Reduce and Eliminate POPs
 Chapter 5: Harnessing the Power of NGOs and Communities
 Chapter 6: Case Studies: Local Actions; Global Results
 Chapter 7: Opportunity for National Coordinators and National Steering Committees to Facilitate Results in POPs Focal Area
 Final Quiz: POPs Awareness Self-Test
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